Training opportunities                         

The Library offers a comprehensive range of training courses, both through Skills Plus (look out for announcements in the Green Sheet) and by booking with the Library direct.

If you wish to book a course via Skills Plus, please contact

For details of current Skills Plus courses, please click here

If you wish to book a course direct with the Library (subject to room availability) please email or call 01284 713112.  We are able to bring these courses to your workplace, if you prefer, just let us know when you book.

We also list some of our courses on KnowledgeShare. If you join KnowledgeShare (the registration form is at the bottom of this page) you will receive an evidence alert tailored to your interests every fortnight. You can also book a place on our training courses listed on KnowledgeShare (details below).

You will need an Open Athens password to log into KnowledgeShare. If you don't already have one, register here.

Our courses are designed to offer support to all students in training at WSFT.

Our current courses are:

Finding the Evidence (1.5 – 2 hours 1-2-1 or groups Skills Plus)

Aim: A training session on how to find research and journal articles to support your practice, study, research, service development, journal club or your professional development. The search will be tailored, as far as possible, to your area of practice and will cover how to carry out a keyword search and a thesaurus (topic) search, and how to collate, save or print your results.

For 1-2-1 sessions, you will be required to bring a search with you and we will work through it together. It is essential that you have already registered for an OpenAthens password. To register, click here

To book, contact the Library

Critiquing Research Papers (2 hours group session Skills Plus)

This two-hour session will provide an introduction to critical appraisal for study, research, service development, journal clubs or professional development. The first part deals with a quantitative study and the second provides an introduction to qualitative appraisal.  Both sessions are interactive and you will be expected to do a small amount of reading, of two articles, before the session.

To book, contact

Introduction to Medical Terminology (2 hours group session)

 Become confident in understanding how to interpret medical terms. Delegates will discover the origins of medical language; recognise the component parts of medical terms; and become familiar with the terms for different anatomical structures, functions and systems.

To book, contact

Writing for Publication (2 hours 121 or group session)

Aim: To provide practical advice for anyone writing for publication. To understand instructions from publishers and the peer review process as well as tips on format, with practical examples.

To book, contact the Library

Plagiarism Workshop (2 hours group session KnowledgeShare))

 Learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. This is an opportunity to discover how to correctly cite and reference sources of information, and to use quotations and paraphrasing appropriately.

To book, register with KnowledgeShare and book your place, or, contact the Library

Using Excel for Audit - part 1 (2 hours group session KnowledgeShare)

This training is particularly relevant to anyone who conducts audits or who handles audit data. During the session, you will be supported through the process of formulating an appropriate audit question, you will learn how to construct an Excel Spreadsheet that meets your individual audit requirements and you will leave the session prepared to start collecting audit data.

To book, register with KnowledgeShare and book your place, or, contact the Library

Using Excel for Audit - part 2  (2 hours group session KnowledgeShare)

Learn how formulas can be used to extract useful data and have a go at extracting data yourself so that the data can be converted into tables and graphs. These visual presentations of data are highly useful when it comes to communicating your audit findings.

To book, register with KnowledgeShare and book your place, or, contact the Library