Library SAervices for Alliance partners


Library services for West Suffolk Alliance partners

West Suffolk Library and Information Centre (based at West Suffolk Hospital in the Drummond Education Centre) offers a library service to staff employed in organisations which form the West Suffolk Alliance.

To access our service, please complete a registration form. If you would like to receive fortnightly evidence alerts based on your professional interests, please also complete the KnowledgeShare section of the form.

If you are located close to West Suffolk Hospital, you may use the physical library Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. If you wish to have access outside of these times (the Library is open 24/7) you will need to apply to Human Resources at WSFT for an access ID badge and pay £10 – please contact library staff for more details.

If you are not located nearby, you can still take advantage of a range of online resources, databases and journals by registering for an OpenAthens password. In order to ensure that your password is administered by the Library, please follow the instructions for registration in the document ‘Registering for Library Services and an Open Athens Password’.

As part of your service, we can supply online articles, provide access to books, perform evidence searches, deliver search training on the WSFT site and attend meetings at WSFT.