Evidence Searching

Evidence Searching, Synthesised Results and Evidence Summaries

The Library offers a comprehensive and professional evidence searching service to complement your evidence-based practice, research and innovation.

To request an evidence search please fill out our Evidence Search Request form and return the completed form to us either in person or email them to wsh-tr.library@nhs.net. Please make sure to include accurate contact details so we can get in touch with you. We ask that you complete each section on the Evidence Search Request Form, as the more relevant information you can provide, the better quality the search strategy will be.

As well as finding the evidence for you, we can synthesise the results, ranked by order of relevance and quality of evidence, and produce a short summary of the evidence. There are some examples of synthesised and summarised results in the table below.

Once you have received your search results, please complete our quick feedback survey. This will help us improve our service.

If you would like some guidance on how to conduct your own search strategy, please click on this link.

Examples of Evidence Search Reports Provided by WSFT Library and Knowledge Services: