Service Standards

Service Standards

On this page you will find the Library's service standards in the form of a Library Charter. These are the goals we set for the services we offer. In the charter you will find a description of how our services align with the patients’ First values as well as what we ask of you in return.  

The Library Charter

In line with West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust's Patient First Standards.

We will provide the best service to our members by making available the most up to date evidence, so that they can give the best possible care to the patients.

1. Cleanliness and Safety

We will provide a pleasant and safe environment for our customers.

We expect you to take reasonable care of your health and safety whilst in the library and make sure you are aware of all Safety and Fire notices.

2. On Stage

We will provide a professional service with trained staff and up to date collections.

We expect you to return books promptly and bring your library card with you when you visit the library.

3. Honesty

We welcome feedback, concerns and suggestions and will act upon them appropriately.

Please respect copyright legislation when printing or photocopying items.

4. Courteous & respectful

We will:

  • Treat all our members with respect
  • Ensure equality of access to our services
  • Explain any aspect of the library services and practices whenever needed.

We expect you to treat library staff and all library equipment and resources with respect.

5. Communicate & Listen

We Will:

  • Provide an enquiry desk service
  • Publicise our range of services, terms and conditions and opening hours, and keep you informed of any changes. In return please keep us up to date with your contact details.

Let us know what the current topics and buzz words are in your department.

6. Helpful and Kind

We will:

  • Continually investigate ways of improving our services
  • Respond to requests for information using all available resources
  • Ensure our funding is used effectively for the benefit of all our members

Please be considerate to others by keeping noise to a minimum. Please leave study areas and computer rooms tidy and dispose of food and drink containers in the bins provided.

7. Informative

We will provide up to date guides for using our services. We will provide training in information literacy skills to all our members. Please help us by providing as much information as possible when requesting items or literature searches.

8. Timely

We will provide a service that enables you to carry out library activities such as renewals, catalogue searches and electronic access at a time convenient to you. Please make sure you collect items we have requested for you within a reasonable time.

9. Compassionate

We appreciate that for some people the library is an unfamiliar place, and we will provide as much help as you need to achieve your aim. We hope you will be understanding at busy times or when we are short staffed.

10. Improving is everyone's job