Evidence Searches


Evidence searching at West Suffolk Foundation Trust  


WSFT Evidence Searching Service

WSFT Library offers a comprehensive and professional evidence searching, synthesis and summary service to staff, which will complement your evidence-based practice, research and innovation.

To request an evidence search please fill out our Evidence Search Request form and return the completed form to us either in person or email them to library@wsh.nhs.uk  Please make sure to answer each section on the evidence search request form and provide accurate contact details so we can get in touch with you.

Should you require an evidence synthesis and summary which is used as the basis for further dissemination, for example, an article, case study or conference poster/ presentation, then it is customary to acknowledge the contribution of the Library service in your work. Should you successfully publish externally on the basis of this evidence search, synthesis and summary, the Librarian who carried out the search would expect to be acknowledged as co-author of the material in question.


Evidence Search Training

For staff and students we offer training sessions on how to plan and conduct your own search strategy. Please  contact the library if you wish to book a 1:1 training sessions library@wsh.nhs.uk 


Conducting your own evidence searches

If you wish to conduct your own search, there are the two interfaces available to you through WSFT Library. These are the NICE Health Databases Advanced Search (HDAS) and CINAHL Complete.


HDAS is a collection of bibliographic health databases HDAS is useful if you want one interface through which multiple databases may be searched. Please click on the logo to access HDAS and then enter your OpenAthens password.     


CINAHL Complete is a database aimed at people working within the nursing, midwifery and allied health  professions. Please click on the logo to access CINAHL Complete and then enter your OpenAthens password.