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Visible Body creates highly visual and interactive content for students and professionals who need to understand and communicate human anatomy, physiology, and pathology. All ESNEFT staff and students on placement have access to the following three anatomy apps from Visible Body:

Access Visible Body here and log in with your OpenAthens username and password. If you do not have an OpenAthens account click here to register. Each Visible Body module is also available as an app. See below for further details.

If you have trouble loading Visible Body, we recommend you use Microsoft Chrome. See the system requirements here.

Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas is a comprehensive 3D atlas of the human body that allows users to explore the human body

- Learn about the complete male and female gross anatomy with thousands of 3D models that span 11 systems: nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive

- Interact with every structure in 3D to simulate a dissection lab experience. Rotate, zoom in and out, dissect through superficial anatomy to study deep and hidden structures, or see structures in complete isolation

- Study detailed information, learn about common pathologies, and compare 3D models side-by-side with cadaver and diagnostic images

- Delve into the microanatomy of tissue and special organs, including the eye, ear, and tongue

- Test your knowledge with hundreds of dissection quizzes

View an introductory video here.



Muscle Premium

Muscle Premium is a comprehensive reference of musculoskeletal structures and function, plus common injuries and conditions.

- 3D models of bones, ligaments, bursae, and skeletal muscles with blood supply and innervation, and origins and insertions

- Includes male and female musculoskeletal system

- See detailed information for each skeletal muscle: blood supply, innervation, attachments, and muscle actions

- Study the relationships among bursae, ligaments, muscle, and bone

- Interact with muscle actions like adduction, pronation, flexion, and more from various angles and zoom levels

- Watch video presentations by subject matter experts on topics such as rotator cuff tear, hip biomechanics, osteoarthritis, and more

- Review and teach about common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (including cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, plantar fasciitis), and compare with normal anatomy

View an introductory video here

Physiology & Pathology

Physiology & Pathology is an interactive guide to core processes and common diseases of the human body

- Compare 3D models of normal anatomy to models of common diseases and conditions

- Set the heart rate and visualize conduction in a dissectable, beating 3D heart, and follow along on an ECG

- Watch animations that present the physiological processes of gas exchange, pulmonary ventilation, fluid balance, peristalsis, and more

- Walk through interactive lessons to understand the progression of atherosclerosis, kidney stones, lung cancer, and other common conditions

- Test your knowledge of various physiological processes and pathologies with quizzes

View an introductory video here

Visible Body Apps

All three modules are available as Apps.  Contact the library for a username and password to log in. You will need a seperate username and password for each. The Apps can be downloaded below:

Atlas Muscle Premium Physiology & Pathology







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